New York Times YA Debuts

Dear Teen Peeps, some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted to RR AT ALL since, like, September. That’s because of a little thing called Hybrid Teaching in the Time of COVID (which I know you all know about, since you are on the other side of the screen) AND because I was working on this sick short list of outstanding YA debut novels. These first time authors have really brought it with these unique tales of identity, love, fame and heartbreak. Take a look and see what you think–it’s not too late to add these to your holiday wish lists!

2 thoughts on “New York Times YA Debuts

  1. Hybrid learning is such fun. My school is working remotely this week (I’m dressed in real clothes but wearing my bathrobe on top because it’s so cold in my house!), but we go back Monday for two weeks. However we do it is stressful. If you’re trying to do your job, reading occasionally, and have put on button pants in the last month, I say it is a giant WIN. Thanks for a great list of books.

  2. Dear Reading Rants,

    I’d love if you could help me make my YA novel His Hidden Wings the big read for LGBTQ+ audiences and allies for 2021! Follow the link to my blog for more details, and feel free to email me for a complimentary copy! Much love, Alexander Williams

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