The Facts Speak for Themselves by Brock Cole

facts speak for themselves This book is the definition of the word “raw”. It’s so unflinching and plainspoken that the facts of the story are all that’s need to speak volumes, and at times, scream. Linda is a thirteen year old that has been taken out of her incompetent mother’s care after one of the men her mother has been involved with kills another–over Linda. But that’s just the beginning of the facts that Linda has to tell. Linda’s been dragging around the consequences of her mother’s actions for years, including taking care of her two younger brothers and one of her mother’s many lovers, an old senile man that her mom just ups and leaves with her for weeks, alone. Linda accepts these facts with the resigned air of a person who has been an adult for a long, long time. After reading this book once, I knew I would never forget it. Sweet Valley High may come and go, but The Facts will always remain the same–powerful.

6 thoughts on “The Facts Speak for Themselves by Brock Cole

  1. this book was very “raw”. there were some points in the boko that i could not beileive. i think there needs to be some sort of lable on the book about the content of it. i had to get it out of my school library to do an english project. the project was about banned or challenged books and i believe this book should at least be banned from school librarys. it was quite deserbing.

  2. London, before you start banning books, just remember that its very hard to draw the line on what is appropriate and what is not. What offends you may not offend someone else and vice versa.

  3. Exactly what Jen said. I personally loved this book. Yes it wasa bit upsetting, but it can open one’s eyes to what really happens in the world! Yes this was a fictional story, but I’m pretty sure somewhere theres a ” Linda” and she needs help. I loved this story. It was raw, gritty, and matter of fact. Brock Cole really set the bar high.

  4. Yuck – hated it and so did my students. Surprised you think it was worthy of top ten. Time to update this list as there are MUCH better books to mention.

  5. I loved this book! I found it very unique in plot. I only wish it was ended differently with all ends tied. I hope there is a sequel written. Oh and to Mary Jacques; How did you and your students dislike it? Like what was dislikable about it? Im just trying to understand because I don’t see how anyone would dislike it unless they just are not into fantasy novels.

  6. If you didn’t like it, don’t read it again. There’s really no need to ban a book based on your own personal opinion, because not everyone shares that opinion. Our country WAS brought up to have the freedom of our own opinion and to be individuals. Since you personally did not like the book, let it only affect YOU and your close/personal household. Do not be selfish and ban someone from a potential read or perhaps even a lesson that they might have needed.

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