High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

high fidelity I love this book on many levels–first of all, it’s hilarious. The main guy in this story, Rob, is a total slacker who owns and obsesses over a record store in England. His day-to-day dealings with customers and his dorky employees will have you laughing so loud, your stomach will hurt. Secondly, it’s a love story–Rob is stressing about commitment, so he dumps his long-time girlfriend, and in typical guy-fashion, immediately gets jealous when she starts dating someone else. And lastly, it’s just a great slice of Gen-X slacker-ism. Rob is obsessed with music, bands and making mix tapes, forget paying bills and acting like a grown-up (I love Rob so much because he TOTALLY reminds me of how my best friend Rick used to act in college). After I read it the first time I went right out and recommended it to as many friends as possible. Read it. You’ll love it. I promise. And don’t miss the movie version, starring John Cusak and the pitch perfect Jack Black.

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