Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Boy Meets Boy My main worry when I started hearing the buzz about this book was that the rosy picture it paints of a incredibly tolerant small town where the star football quarterback is also a drag queen named Infinite Darlene would offend those gay teens who’ve had hard time admitting their homosexuality or coming out of the closet to family and friends. But what I’m hearing from teen readers, gay and straight, is that they love the fact that Levithan wrote a sweet love story between two young men in a high school where no one thinks twice about your sexuality, and that “being gay” is NOT the point of the book. While Levithan’s town is a tad unrealistic, his fantasy vision is balanced by the town next door, where narrator Paul’s best friend Tony has to live and deal with his intolerant, strictly religious parents. At turns sweet, wacky and serious, BMB reminds me most of the writing of my fav FLB (Francesca Lia Block).

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