Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle

Kissing Kate Lissa and Kate have always been best friends. And since that night last summer when they both got a little drunk in the gazebo, Kate has tried to act like everything’s the same. But that night changed everything for Lissa. That was the night she kissed Kate, and Kate kissed her back. But that’s not how Kate remembers it, and now Lissa has a difficult choice to make: Can she still be friends with Kate if Kate can’t admit what they both know is true? Meanwhile, Lissa is trying to decide what her own truth is—is she straight or gay or something in between? Does kissing Kate mean that she likes girls, or that she just loves Kate? Lissa’s determined to figure it all out—but maybe not in time to save her relationship with Kate. A first novelist, Lauren Myracle gets that feeling of teenage questioning and frustration just right. A quiet but incredibly solid and well-written story about love, lucid dreaming (you’ll figure out where that comes in after you read it!) and difficult choices.

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