Dare Truth or Promise by Paula Boock

Louie and Willa are like a lesbian Romeo and Juliet. Louie comes from a posh background, money, brilliant family, the whole works. Willa lives over the bar that her mum runs, practices fencing, and wants nothing more than be a chef with her own restaurant. When they meet and fall in love, they are forced to overcome Louie’s restrictive mother, hateful gossip, and a nearly fatal car crash. But unlike Romeo and Juliet, Dare Truth or Promise has a happier ending. Watch out for the language changes–New Zealand author Boock added a handy dandy glossary for those of you who aren’t sure what“ fair dinkum” means or what“ ranch sliders” are. A very literary, angsty lesbian love story, where the points of view sometimes confused me (wasn’t sure who was speaking, Louie or Willa) but the mature and descriptive writing always charmed me.

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