Empress of the World by Sara Ryan

Empress of the World Nic Lancaster thinks she knows exactly what she wants–to spend her life happily digging in the dirt as an archeologist. So to help her decide if she’s really meant to be a tomb raider, she’s goes to this advanced summer college program for high school students. There, she gets her own dorm room, a new pack of kooky-cool friends and an archeology professor who seems to really know her stuff–the whole college experience. Nic is only bothered by one thing–why isn’t she falling for Issac, a smart political-science guy who seems to be crushing on her? Instead, she’s finding herself uncomfortably and intensely attracted to Battle Davies, a North Carolina blonde who’s honeyed voice hides a cool intellect. For Nic, the summer will be one of realizing that while you may be able to categorize objects found on an archeological dig, you can’t always categorize your feelings or your sexuality the same way. Impressive first novel by Sara Ryan (who also happens to be a cool-kid YA librarian!!) Check out her web page at www.sararyan.com

3 thoughts on “Empress of the World by Sara Ryan

  1. amazing book, i really enjoyed reading, i found out that there’s a second book to it, but my library doesnt have it 🙁 hope i can read it soon!

  2. Made me want to meet all of the people that Battle & Nic did…I couldn’t put it down & finished in a day.
    (It stands up to multiple reads.)

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