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ForeverConsidered the first young adult novel to discuss teenage sexuality in a way that didn’t “punish” the characters for having sex (nobody gets pregnant or sick from STDs) Forever is the story of Katherine and Michael, two teens who fall in love and embark on a sexual relationship together. For Katherine, it’s her first time, and she spends a lot of novel deciding if sex is right for her at this point in her life. She asks her friends, subtly brings it up to her parents, and researches birth control methods. After looking at all the factors, Katherine and Michael decide bring sex into their tender, romantic, and often funny relationship. Forever was written in 1975, but because Judy Blume deals so realistically with the issue of teen sexuality, it never seems to age. The author has added a forward to the latest re-printings of the book where she discusses the danger of HIV and AIDS, a serious problem that Katherine and Michael didn’t have to worry about in 1975. I’ll say no more except that some of the adults in your life who were teens in the 80’s may have a story about passing Forever around at school and giggling over the part about “Ralph.” After reading Forever, you’ll never be able to hear that name without chuckling, just a little, too!

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  1. i remebe ri read tis book about a month ago i loved it, it was an amazing book i really like it.
    and of course “ralph” that was very funny


  2. i Thought This Book Was Brilliant! i Read it in Less Than Two Days Because i Couldnt Put it Down.
    it’s The First Book i’ve Read That Discusses Sex Without it Sounding Horrible. The Way The Book Was Wrote Was Amazing!

  3. Hey everybody, this is Miley Cyrus! I think Judy Blume is a wonderful writter and a good example for teens who are struggling with “sex” and relationships. Just remember that anyone can do anything, and there is nothing that can stop you!

    – Miley

  4. heyy you aren’t miley cyrus, and u aren’t nick jonas! anyway …. I loved this book! it was sooo awesome! and i love Judy Blume. she is an amazing author!

  5. hey this book was soooo good. at first i was really hesitant to read it because i dont usually read romance novels, but i read it in like 2 hours!!! i couldnt put it down it was so good.!

  6. I loved this book, it’s really good, it discusses teen problems w/o sounding gross. And I totally agree with what rhian said.
    And “ralph” was funny

  7. yeah, i havent read this book cuz i was kind of “hesitant” cuz it discusses explicit scenes and it would kind of feel awkward but from wat everybody said i’m determined 2 try and get 2 it…thanks!

  8. This book was great.
    “Ralph” was funny. It is also even funnier becuase I have a friend named Ralph, and sometimes i giggle when i say his name becuase of it!
    But still, such a great book!
    Highly reccomend.

  9. oh! ralph… ralph,, i can’t stop laughing about it! i could not put the book down when i checked it out at the library! it was so wonderful! i think judy blume should make a second book of forever! i recommend this book!

  10. this book is the most amazing book i ever read i really dont read much but its just so intizing!=)

  11. This book is really good and I think its stupid that some people would want to ban it,or any other book.

  12. This book was AWSOME. It is one of my favorite books.
    I read it in less then 2 hours..
    I hope she comes out with a sequel because of the ending with Theo callled

  13. OMG…..i love this book its amasing i read in 1 day because i couldnt put i down… every single boook i read that has sex in it it sound horrible and in this book it doesnt….and i also love the relationship between katherine and micheal!!!!!!

    i give this book 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!!

  14. OMG! I love this book but I got soooo mad when Katherine broke Micheal’s heart. And now I reallyyy don’t like Theo. There better be a sequel with Micheal and Katherine getting back together.
    Megg =]

  15. This book really got to me, I can relate to EVERYTHING that’s going on in Katherine’s life. It was a really good book but I was sadd about the ending because Micheal and Katherine don’t last forever. I think Judy Blume should wright a sequel about them and what happenends next or maby just wright another book like this one .

  16. hey guys.
    this book was amazing. the problems in this book really relate to the troubles in teen world today. i enjoyed it. i read it in two nights. i couldnt put it down.
    fantastic story.
    and of course ralph was my favorite.

  17. OMG! I absolutely loved this book! MY friend Brookelynne showed it to me and i hadn’t seen her in 5 1/2 months and all i did when i was at her house was read that book.Ralph was my favorite [of course] and the chemistry between Katherine and Micheal was just amazing! I was dissapointed when the book ended”Theo called”.I really hope Judy Bloom writes a sequel…..

  18. I LOVED this book,
    i like how Micheal is so nice about Kathrine not wanting to have sex in the begging not all guys r like that
    i hate how Judy Blume just left the ending of the book with Theo Called
    i really want a sequel

    P.S dont forget Ralph i thought that was funnie

  19. Woww! I really loved this book. I finished the Twilight series and went straight on to Forever… Then when I finished it in one day, I just sat there staring at the book for a while. I couldn’t believe how great it was. I admit that some of the parts had me cracking up laughing and sitting on my bed wondering what was going to happen next. Judy Blume did a great job on this because she’s just straight out there. I was really sad at the end of the book when they broke up, and she liked Theo, but I guess that’s what’s meant to be. I’m in eighth grade so it makes me think alot about what ahead of me in life.
    PS: Ralph was pretty funny!

  20. Hey you guys this is jamill I really loved this book I read this book last year but didn’t find this cite till now i really think this book is a good influnce because it really teaches you what people go through when they are dealing with sex….

    P.S I really liked the ”Ralph” part was funny

  21. I absolutely love this book..I read it in one day.
    Ralf was funny. During this story you will think you know what the title is about but at the end you’ll really know what the title is about..I thought this story ended so sadly because the title fooled me.
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  22. This book was beyond amazing. I thought the ending was fantastic…sad yeah i guess but it just goes to show that life goes on and nothing actually lasts forever

  23. I love this book….

    However if you’re going to write a review make sure you spell names correctly. ie: Katherine

  24. Well I have read other “sexual” books before, I am 14 and I was questioning if this book would eb good for me. I’ve been hearing about this book since 4th grade. I really would like to read it.
    would my mother allow it?
    I mean she let me read
    So I have another Question, Should I just buy the book and not tell my mom what it’s about? Gawd. >.

  25. This is the most intriguing book I have read recently! I loved Kaherine and Michaels relationship was. It reminded me of a past experience. I really hope that Judy Blume will write a Sequel. 🙂

  26. I loved this book. i hate reading so much. but i had to read a book for school and it was an amazing book. everyne should read it!!!

  27. people, STOP!!!! i have not read the book yet. so quite giving away the story!!!!!!!!

  28. This book is wonderful. Very different from the style of Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, the other book I read by Judy Blume. This book is aimed for older teens – I was 14 when I read it and found it far too graphic, so wait til you’re at least 16 or ask your parents. This book makes you want to cry, scream, and jump for joy. Ms. Blume pulls on your heart strings using as little words as possible. You will connect with the characters and fall in love with the story, even if the ending doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. I think a fabulous lesson in this book, especially the ending, is (STOP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK! IT’S A BIT OF A SPOILER!) life goes on. This is a great book, for older audiences only who are responsible enough to read it.

  29. This book was kinda stupid. It would not be stupid if there was a second book. It can’t jsut end with “Theo called”. Plus she built up all this suspense about them being together “forever” and then like the last four pages shes like they break up and a new guy calls her.

  30. I really loved this book and I do not agree with Shannon because Judy Blume wrote this book toward 14 and 15 year olds. Not 16 year olds. When you are 16 you have learned about all that stuff in school ( by your friends and peers ) And in the real world. This book was graphic. But if your parents approve then READ IT<<:

  31. Oh i loved this book i read it in about an hour. i couldn’t put it down.
    Is there a second book?? And if there is what is it called?? Ahh i hope there is! haha

  32. This book was amazing!!! I read it the first time in 2 days and 1 day every time after that!!! I read it at least once a month. It has a lot of explicit parts, but it really made me feel like I was Katherine dealing with everything. I really would like to get permission to write the sequel…i have a lot of great ideas!! LOVE IT!!!

  33. Logan, have you ever heard of “fan fiction?” There are sites online where you can write your own version or continuation of a favorite story, and that might be a good place to add your sequel to Forever. Check out this article for more information:

    good luck and happy reading!

  34. I really liked this book but I absolutely hated the end. Theo called, I mean come on! I really liked Micheal and HATE what happened in the end (sigh)

  35. Wow I just finished this book today and I was looking for a sequel and found this site. There isn’t a second and there really should be. This is the best book I have ever read-and I’m a guy.

  36. ok so like i am like not a virgin and i think that this book is sooo amazing.its just so like coool and like i love it too much. OMG

  37. OMG!!! I loved this book!!! But there better be a sequal where Micheal & Kath get back togather!…and i really really really dont like Theo!!!!

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