Up in Seth’s Room by Norma Fox Mazer

Fifteen year old Finn has gone against all the rules and her own common sense falling for hunkie high school dropout Seth. Seth is four years older than Finn and experienced–way more experienced than Finn, who’s still a virgin and plans to stay that way. Her parents and her best friend are against the odd couple, making Finn want to be with Seth even more. Matters are complicated by the fact that her parents aren’t speaking to her older sister who is “living in sin” with her boyfriend, and that Finn seems to be the last virgin on earth–or at least at school. But when Seth starts to pressure Finn to have sex, she begins to wonder if her friends and family were right–that all older guys care about is scoring in the sexual sense. Then Finn begins to wonder why sex has to mean intercourse, and she and Seth begin the monumental task of defining what sex means to them. A mature, thoughtful book that that suggests just because teens think they’re ready for sex doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ready for intercourse. Look for this one at your local library or used bookstore–it’s been out of print for awhile and not likely to be found at the nearest Barnes and Noble.

4 thoughts on “Up in Seth’s Room by Norma Fox Mazer

  1. Zach, this is a really good book if you can find it. And I think you’d be surprised at how many librarians have it in their libraries:)

  2. I haven’t read this book but I can tell you that you can search it on the Barnes and noble website and if you look under the thing that says ‘a new copy is not available’ there is something that says 2 used are available for ‘blank amount of money’.

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