“Hello,” I Lied by M.E. Kerr

hello i liedLang Penner, unlike a lot of teenage guys, knows exactly who and what he is — gay and in love with his boyfriend, Alex. Or so he thought. Suddenly, Lang is as mixed up as any other seventeen-year old adolescent when he meets Huguette. Huguette(pronounced “Eu-gette”, “If you say my name Yougette, you get nothing!”) is a French student who is staying with the famous rock star, Ben Nevada, who Lang’s mom is keeping house for during the summer in the Hamptons. Sound complicated? It gets worse — away from Alex all summer, Lang finds himself falling for the gorgeous Huguette, but he’s told Brittany, a friend who had a crush on him, that he’s gay — could he be wrong? This book will take you all around the mulberry bush as you and Lang try to figure out the true nature of attraction, and the differences between love and sex.

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