Tomorrow Wendy by Shelley Stoehr

wendyCary’s life is going from complicated to absolutely incomprehensible. She’s dating Danny, a cool boy that most of the girls in her school would kill to go out with. But she’s completely miserable, because whether she wants to admit it to herself or not, she’s really in love with Danny’s glamorous twin, Wendy. Cary wants to be known for her retro-Audrey Hepburn look and her hot stoner boyfriend, not her possible attraction to girls. But the “Lesbian Collective”, a group of girls at school who are already comfortable with their sexuality are determined to “out” Cary. What’s a confused girl to do? Cary’s inner thoughts take the shape of Rad, an imaginary grunge god who consuls Cary by talking only in song lyrics(it’s pretty fun figuring out what song lines he’s using — I recognized quite a few by Tori Amos). But even he can’t get her out of the tough decisions that she has to make. Sounds tripped out, I know, but Shelley Stoehr is one of my all-time fav authors and this newest novel does not disappoint. If you like Wendy, you may also want to scan other S.S. novels like Wannabe and Weird on the Outside.

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