I am an Artichoke by Lucy Frank

artichoke15 year old Sarah is thrilled when she gets the perfect summer job — as a mother’s helper in New York City! She’s looking forward to fun and sun in the Big Apple, until she finds out that Emily, the young teen she’s in charge of, has an eating disorder. Sarah begins to feel like she may be in over her head as she tries to deal with Emily’s strange eating rituals, Emily’s crazy divorced parents, Florence and Elliot, and her own blossoming romance with Angel, a mysterious boy who lives in Emily’s building. One thing’s for sure — things are going to get worse for Sarah and Emily before they get better, but you can count on a happy ending with this somewhat lighter take on eating disorders. If you find yourself bonding with Sarah, read about her further adventures in Will You Be My Brussel Sprout?

3 thoughts on “I am an Artichoke by Lucy Frank

  1. the title is “I am an artichoke”, not “I am a artichoke”. just wanted to point it out.

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