Wasted: A Memoir by Marya Hornbacher

wasted This compelling biography reads like a novel. Marya paints a chilling portrait of how bulimia and anorexia took over her teen years, and how she still struggles with her eating disorder, even today. Dragging the reader through her highest highs (a great political internship in Washington D.C.) and her weight dropped to 76 pounds) Marya gives you the inside scoop on what eating disorders are really like — and it’s no runway model’s life! But the part that really sticks is when Marya discusses, without a trace of self-pity, how ravaged her body and heart are from the disease, and how many years anorexia has taken off her life. (She’s only 23 years old, but strangers guessing her age think she’s 36) A haunting book that will stay with you for days.

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