My Sister’s Bones by Cathi Hanauer

sisters bonesBillie is fifteen and out of control. She’s torn between wanting to be like her best friend, a rambunctious, big-haired sexy siren, and her sister Cassie, a cool blond with perfect study habits. Besides trying to appease her uptight, controlling father and managing her new relationship with the coolest guy in school, Billie is frozen with fear over her upcoming PSAT’s. Then, to make matters worse, she begins to overhear disturbing phone conversations between her parents and her perfect sister, who is away at college. When her sister comes home for Thanksgiving weighing next to nothing and wearing the same old sweatpants for days at a time, only Billie seems to notice that something is not right. Their parents stubbornly refuse to believe that anything is wrong as Cassie slowly begins to erase herself from the family. Can Billie make them see that Cassie is a victim of anorexia before its too late? While Cassie’s disease plays a part in this novel, it is ultimately Billie’s coming of age story as a “Jersey Girl”. A great novel that show how much family expectations can change our lives for the better or for the worse.

One thought on “My Sister’s Bones by Cathi Hanauer

  1. I actually enjoyed this book. I expected this book to be about about her view on her sisters eating disorder but it also includes Billie’s social life – which I found partially interesting. I really like this book!

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