Myrtle of Willendorf by Rebecca O’Connell

Myrtle of WillendorfI haven’t read such a GOOD first book in a long time. A short novel, every word is precisely right and ideally placed–a small, perfect gem. Myrtle is a college sophomore who adores art and junk food in equal measure. Left to her own devices, she’d probably be okay with her bigger than average body image, if it wasn’t for her Calista Flockhart-skinny roommate Jada, who reminds her of her extra poundage on a daily basis. Jada’s constant offers to give her a make-over just make Myrtle feel worse, so she keeps feeding her face with lovely smooth whole milk and muffins dripping with real butter and strawberry jam.(By the way, the food descriptions in this book are absolutely mouth-watering!) Anyhoo, after a fairly humiliating experience where Jada and her boyfriend make Myrtle the butt of a very not-funny joke, Myrt takes back the power by using her big bod to inspire her artistically, and fully embraces her chubbiness. What a pleasure to read a book about weight that doesn’t end in a diet or anorexia. Myrtle just becomes happy with who she is and how she looks, and I say two thumbs up to that!!

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