Are You Experienced? by William Sutcliffe

Are You Experienced?At nineteen, David has decided he needs to have a big, life-altering experience that will change him forever. So, after very little research, he hooks up with Liz, a hottie he hopes to have a carnal knowledge of, and takes off for a three month backpacking trip across India. There, he discovers that India is extremely hot, crowded, and smelly, not the cool green paradise he imagined. He gets sick from the food, fights constantly with Liz (did I mention that she also happens to be his best friend’s girlfriend?) and almost loses his mind on a thirteen hour bus trip. But the real test comes when Liz ditches Dave after falling for a tantric yoga teacher, and he has to make it across the sub-continent alone. Can Dave deal with the “real” India experience? This book was so funny and so dead-on right about the lofty, P.C. attitude that western culture holds toward third world countries that my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Talk about the selfishness and pretension of the X, Y, or whatever generation–this book is SO it.

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