Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig

Second Star This book had a tremendous impact on me as a teen and I’m thrilled to see it back in print. The author went through anorexia herself and a lot of this story is autobiographical, which makes it all the more powerful. Leslie Hiller is a privileged, white, uptown girl. Her parents live to please her, especially her mother. But sometimes she feels that her mother cares too much, and finds that attention smothering. When she can’t control her mother’s feelings for her, she decides to control her weight.The scene from this book that has always stuck with me is when Leslie’s mother takes a plate of pork chops to her room and begs her to eat them. Leslie swears she will as soon as her mother leaves the room. In the shadow of her mother’s anguish, she calmly walks over to the window and scrapes the food off the plate to the ground outside. Tough stuff that was ahead of its time and almost too painful to read. So, of course, you MUST read it.

One thought on “Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig

  1. this was such a great book. the story is told so that when your reading it it sounds all real.theres so many things that one can relate to in the story. one of the best books i v ever read

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