Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb

Stick Figure Finally! They said it couldn’t be done–but Lori Gottlieb has done it. She has written a memoir about anorexia that is FUNNY! Not to trivialize the seriousness of this disease, but Gottlieb’s descriptions of her shallow Beverly Hills family in high 70’s camp style is really hilarious. The downside to all that humor is the sad fact that Gottlieb became anorexic when she was ONLY ELEVEN. That’s way too young for anyone to feel fat. If you want to read a really DIFFERENT book about anorexia, check out Stick Figure.

4 thoughts on “Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb

  1. One of my male students in YAL is reading this and engrossed by the subject matter. It is a popular book for students to read when I assign a biography or autobiography as a class assignment.

  2. Only eleven is a petute matter.
    I WAS eleven as well….and before that; i can’t remember anything.

  3. This book sucked me in,and I devoured it. The dynamic between this young girl and her mother was astonishing and even though it was set over 20 years ago, i found myself feeling like it was modern day. Really some amazing writing here…

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