Slab Rat by Ted Heller

Zachary Post is a bit of an a–hole. He’s a middling, middle-twenties article author at a glossy new York magazine who’s very ambitious, but not very talented. He lives in terminal paranoia of (3) things: that his famously forged resume is going to be found out and he’ll be out on his ear, that his two office girlfriends will discover he’s dating both of them, and that the new guy, Mark Larkin, will become Zack’s boss even though he’s even faker and smarmier than Zack (if that’s possible). So, Zack decides to kill him. Just kidding!–at first. Suddenly, it becomes shockingly easy to imagine ways that Mark Larkin could make his final exit. Zack quickly discovers that it’s not hard to be motivated when you’re planning the perfect crime! Quirky and mean-spirited, Slab Rat is the perfect twenty-something-office-drone-slacker novel, kind of like a really nasty Dilbert comic. Great reading for those days when your first-job boss is on the rampage and the copy machine has broken down for the gazillionth time.

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