The Passion of Alice by Stephanie Grant

aliceTake a trip back to 1984. Alice has just checked into a eating disorder rehab after suffering a heart attack because she has been starving herself. She weighs only 92 pounds. Along the road to recovery, Alice meets some seriously oddball characters. There’s Gwen, an shy anorexic who also obsessively pulls out her fine blond hair; Louise, a compulsive eater who always asks to eat Alice’s leftovers at meals; and finally, Maeve, the big, beautiful bulimic who will shake up Alice’s world and make her finally face the person she really is, and the person she has the power to become. This novel is slow getting started, but well worth reading through to the end as you watch Alice gather together the pieces of her life and try to figure out how to go on after leaving the clinic for good.

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