The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause

The Silver KissZoe could use some cheering up. Her mom is dying of cancer, her best friend’s moving, and her father could care less about her life. A sympathetic boyfriend sure would be nice right about now–and lo and behold, one appears–a pretty cute one named Simon. The only drawbacks are that he is a lot older than Zoe (like a couple of CENTURIES older) and he has to drink blood to survive. But Zoe manages to overlook these minor details and falls for Simon anyway. But the one thing she can’t ignore is Simon’s little vampire brother, who unlike Simon, is truly vicious and brutal, kind of like a cuter, blonder version of Chuckie. Simon has been trying to stop him for decades. Can their love survive Simon’s blood sucking tendencies and his brother’s murderous rampages? A very romantic vampire tale–like Romeo and Juliet for the undead.

4 thoughts on “The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause

  1. omg, i read this book and it was AMAZING!!!!…but i really wish simon would have stayed at the end :'(

  2. This book was really good, but it was sorta depressing… I’m not sure what made me like it so much. I just know it was worth reading and it was REALLY good. But the ending was sooooooo sad for me. I think it was SUPPOSED to be happy in a weird way but I just thought it was sad. there was a lot of death in this book.

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