Thirsty by M.T. Anderson

ThirstChris is pretty used to vampires–in his world, which is startlingly like our own, a vampire is just another common criminal that you hear about on the evening news: arrested for loitering in graveyards, driving while under the influence of plasma, and performing ritualistic murder. Yep, Chris knows vampires. That’s why he’s so concerned when he starts losing his reflection in mirrors and feeling very, very thirsty–a thirst water doesn’t even begin to touch. He thinks he might be turning into a vampire and is desperate to stop the process. Lucky for him he meets Chet, an angel-like guy with the Forces of Light who claims he can help Chris if Chris will act like a double-agent between the humans and the vamps for awhile. Only Chet isn’t keeping up his end of the bargain, and Chris fears that his future lies at the bottom of a coffin. This one will have you laughing uneasily and rubbing your teeth to make sure you don’t feel fangs…

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