Backwater by Joan Bauer

BackwaterEveryone in Ivy Breedlove’s family is a lawyer. Ivy doesn’t want to be a lawyer, she wants to be a genealogist (family historian to those of you who haven’t boned up on those SAT vocab words yet) This does not sit well with the other Breedloves. But Ivy doesn’t care since she has recently discovered another Breedlove who bucked the family profession and instead became a bird-loving mountain hermit. Ivy decides to find her Aunt Jo and ask her how she managed to escape the Breedlove career path. However, her simple journey to her aunt’s secluded home turns into a snowbound wilderness adventure in which Ivy has to turn to a crazy character named Mountain Mama for help. There’s also a little romance sprinkled in when Ivy hooks up with hunky wilderness ranger-in-training. You may not learn how to survive in the woods but you will laugh your snowshoes off at this funny, funny book about family expectations.

One thought on “Backwater by Joan Bauer

  1. I love Joan Bauer!! Another great book from a great author! I don’t think she can write a book I don’t like. A must read for everyone!!!

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