Beating Heart by A.M. Jenkins

Beating Heart Cora’s a ghost who’s been haunting her house ever since she was accidentally murdered back in 1897. Evan is a flesh-and-blood boy, who just moved into Cora’s old house with his mom and little sis. While they haven’t formally met, they’re VERY interested in each other. Cora can’t keep her wispy hands off the first hottie she’s seen since the olden days, and Evan can’t stop dreaming about a beautiful fair-haired girl who comes to him at night and gets him all hepped up! But when Evan brings his real girlfriend Carrie over and things get a little hot and heavy, Cora reminds them both with a very real sign that a little kissing can sometimes lead to places you’d never choose to go. A great ghost story about how wrongs can be righted and the right message gotten — even if it’s a few centuries late!

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