Poison by Chris Wooding

Poison Poison is a cynical girl who doesn’t believe in fairy tales. But when her little sister Azalea is stolen by the evil Scarecrow and replaced with a black-eyed changeling, Poison is willing to do whatever it takes – even travel to the world of Phaerie – to get her back. But the further into Phaerie she goes – past the Bone Witch, the Spider Queen, even the flame-haired, fickle-hearted Lord of Phaerie himself, the more she despairs of ever finding her sister. And then she discovers a plot so diabolical, so gruesome, that it will turn upside down and inside out everything she knew to be good and true – forever. Just the way author Chris Wooding takes everything YOU know about the tired fractured fairy take genre and turns into something so new and different, you’ll be imbibing Poison on a regular basis!

3 thoughts on “Poison by Chris Wooding

  1. Well, it’s kind of a meta-fiction about fairy tale conventions. But if you read it, you’ll be able to come back and tell me!

  2. OMG! LOVE THIS BOOK! If you’re the kind of person looking for a good fantasy novel that’s different from everything you’ve ever read before this is the book for you!

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