Birds of Prey: Batgirl/ Catwoman #1 by John Francis Moore, illustrated by Darick Robertson and Jimmy Palmiotti

Birds of Prey: Batgirl/ Catwoman #1 No, it’s not that simply TERRIBLE WB attempt to bring Oracle and Huntress off the page and onto the stage. Instead, DC gives us the back story on two of my very favorite characters, Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, (later known as Oracle) and the slinky, elusive Catwoman. Here we see Batgirl pre-Oracle as she is first taking up the Bat mantle and learning how to fly like the big guy. Concerned over the death of a young girl heavy into Gotham’s club scene, Batgirl finds herself in over her head when she discovers a conspiracy to lure innocent young women to their deaths. So it’s the Cat to the rescue! Our slinkster girl decides to help Batgirl, as long as she can still stage a heist of valuable WWII art in the process! A totally fun girl-superhero romp of the first order. And speaking of Catwoman…

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