Rose by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess

Rose An epic adventure based on common fairytale motifs, Rose is the story of two sisters, Rose and Briar Harvester. Both are princesses in training to become successors to the throne. But to be the chosen heir, the princess must be able to “see in dreams,” or be precognizant, to see the future in order to protect the kingdom from coming danger. Rose, the younger sister, has the “dreaming eye,” but Briar doesn’t. Yet it is Briar as the eldest who is expected to inherit the throne. Rose could care less, but there is a new danger menacing the kingdom in the form of an ancient evil, and the people need a leader who has the sight. Rose is blissfully and perhaps foolishly unaware that Briar has a plan for becoming the chosen heir, even is she has to do away with her sister to claim it! A wonderfully old-fashioned fairytale adventure with lots of dragons, heroes and sword fights, Rose is the age-old story of good vs. evil, with the modern message that sometimes there’s a lot of gray in between.

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