Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Demon in My View
Teen horror author Jessica Allodola is shocked when she comes to school one day and discovers that the brooding new guy is none other than the vampire Aubrey, a being who, according to all rules of physics and logic, cannot possibly exist outside of Jessica’s imagination. But there he is, in all his dark glory, the starring character from her latest novel, scarily real. Both repelled and attracted by Aubrey’s unique mix of evil and extreme hottie-ness, Jessica doesn’t know what to do or who would ever believe her outrageous tale. Enter teen-witch-in-training, Caryn Smoke. Caryn is a good witch, and determined to do anything she can to save Jessica from receiving Aubrey’s Hickey of the Undead. But does Jessica even want to be rescued? And are Caryn’s immature powers any match for Aubrey’s supernatural strength? Caryn may be in over her head with these two. Melodramatic and more than just a little campy, Demon is nevertheless a quick, angsty read for witches and bloodsucker-lovers alike.

4 thoughts on “Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

  1. I wonder if she’s going to publish more? Haven’t seen anything from her in awhile…

  2. I liked this book and apparently there is another book that tells the story of Aubrey and the other characters (the book that Jessica wrote)

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