The Magic Circle by Donna Jo Napoli

The Magic CirclePoor Ugly One. Besides her unfortunate name, she just can’t seem to catch a break. Once she was a talented midwife and healer who kept evil spirits at bay with her magic circle while she welcomed new little ones into the world. Now she is a hunch-backed crone, tricked by the demons she once she commanded because of her immense personal pride. She must always flee their taunting cries as they attempt to get her to commit the final act of damnation–devouring a human child. So she lives alone in her house of bread and sweets, hoping to overcome her unthinkable destiny. Then a lost pair of children come begging to her doorstep…By the time you’ve figured out that this miserable figure is the witch from Hansel and Gretel, you can’t help but hope that the story will end differently. A psychologically fractured fairy tale from the master of re-mastered folklore, Donna Jo Napoli. You’ll never look at the villain in any story the same way again.

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