Doing Time: Notes from the Undergrad by Rob Thomas

Like all of Rob’s books (with perhaps the exception of Green Thumb, in my humble opinion), Doing Time is fabulous. The stories all share the same premise: every student in them has to perform some sort of community service work to graduate. There’s Laura, a total wannabe, who does her community service in the local hospital in the head trauma unit because she has a crush on last year’s Prom King, a permanent resident since his motorcycle accident. In “Loss of Pet,” Fiona hears a very unusual story from the most popular girl at school as she’s serving her time as a library assistant. And Teesha learns that charity can hit a little too close to home when she signs on to help with a local food drive. All of these stories contain powerful hooks that will reel you all the way in and keep you on the line until the very last page. Short, but completely satisfying.

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