Life is Funny by E.R. Frank

Life is Funny is a book of inter-connected stories about this group of teens who are growing up in Brooklyn. Their individual first person voices are at once innocent and jaded, funny and incredibly heartbreaking. First-timer author Frank is also a social worker, and does she ever prove how well she knows her stuff. Gingerbread is in love with Keisha, who doesn’t mind that her hilarious and loving boyfriend has to control his manic personality with Ritalin. Eric is determined to keep a hold of his little brother Mickey, no matter how many foster homes they are moved to. Grace and Ebony, though worlds and skin colors apart, manage to have an awesome friendship in spite of Grace’s racist and alcoholic mom. And those guys are just a sample of the teens you’ll meet in these pages. Frank tackles almost every contemporary teen issue and put a new face and a fresh talking mouth on it. Which is a struggle for established YA authors, let alone a newbie. A guaranteed perfect read.

6 thoughts on “Life is Funny by E.R. Frank

  1. OMGSH! This is a great book! Favorite for sure. You have to read this book. It doesnt P.G. rate things. It tells it how it is. THe people in the book actually talk like what real people would talk like. And It has real life issues in it.

  2. I really loved this book! My Favorite was Drew also. Can’t wait for another of Frank’s books! =)

  3. this is my favorite book ever. i just got it again to read it again. i loved all the characters but i had a few favorites

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