Dragon and Thief by Timothy Zahn

Dragon and Thief Reformed teen thief Jack Morgan is having a bad day. First, he’s forced to hide out on an uninhabited planet while on the lam for a crime that, for once, he didn’t commit. Now a spaceship has just crashed nearby, and while scavaging the wreakage for loot, a giant dragon-like alien attacked, or rather, ATTACHED himself to Jack. Now, Jack finds himself dealing with Dracos, a K’Da, which is a race of dragon warrior poets. Dracos is smart, soft spoken, and a deadly fighter. But for all his strength and cunning, he can only live 6 hours at a time with out a human host to hug. When Dracos is sharing Jack’s bod, he looks exactly like a body-sized dragon tattoo. Because when K’da go all symbiotic on you, they become two dimensional. Confused? So is Jack. But it becomes pretty clear pretty quick that the crash of Dracos’s ship and Jack being framed on his last job are somehow linked. This unusual pair just has to find how! A totally excellent adventure, Dragon and Thief is an awesome introduction to sci-fi for those who have had bad experiences with it in the past.

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