El Zombo Fantasma by Kevin Munroe; Illustrations by Sean Galloway and Dave Wilkins

>El Zombo Fantasma El Zombo Fantasma is afraid of NOTHING – not even Death! When the Mexican pro wrestler is brutally shot in a dark alley after what is to be his last throw-down, he is informed by his afterlife caseworker that if he wants to stroll through the pearly gates, he must go back to Earth and assume the guardian angel-ship of one very small and very angry Belisa Montoya. Beli needs a serious ass-kicker on her side. Turns out she’s the reincarnation of an Incan goddess who should have been sacrificed centuries ago to some grade-A villains known as Los Mascaras Negroes. And they’re ready to cut up Beli’s heart ASAP�but first they’ll have to get through the impressive biceps and Superman-sized chin of the one, the only EL ZOMBO FANTASMA!! And that, my friends, will be no SMALL TASK! Can I just say that El Zombo rocks? This GN was so fast, so furious, so downright sharp and funny and LOUD (the colors are so bright they make your eyes bleed) that I’ve basically been passing it out to every teen I know, wrestling fan or not. El Zombo Fantasma FOREVER!

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