Runaways, Vol. 1: Pride and Joy by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona

Okay, we’ve all seen the Incredibles–Kids find out that their average parents are really secret superheroes. But what if, instead of gooey do-gooders, a group of teens discover that their parents are really super VILLAINS? This group of mismatched offspring find out that their fund-raising, charity-obsessed parents are really much more naughty than nice the night they accidentally witness their folks commit murder during one of their top secret “meetings.” Disturbed beyond belief, the teens (among them a jock-boy, computer whiz, goth girl, and “good” girl) take off in one of the parents’ minivan in order to buy time as they try and determine what to do. Meanwhile, each of them is discovering their own latent talents, but deciding whether these new powers are a blessing or a curse is the least of their problems as they continue to be chased by their homicidal elders. Fast, furious, and oh so fun, Runaways is one of the titles in the Marvel Fantasy line, which is a group of comics written specifically for the teen audience. I also heartily endorse Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Vol. 1: Super Crush (all about the lovely high school redhead who pines after Peter Parker’s alter ego) andAstonishing X-Men: Emma Frost, Vol. 1 – Higher Learning(exposes the not-so humble beginnings of the X-Men’s mind-reading psychic chick)

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