Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick

Floodland Imagine a future where the green house effect has finally kicked into high gear and the worst has happened: the polar ice caps have melted and the whole world is either underwater or nearly there. This is the only future Zoe has ever known, and she’s trying to navigate it the best she can. With just a leaky rowboat and limited supplies, she’s left the island she’s lived on most of her life to search for her parents, whom she was accidently separated from. Once out on her own, she is captured by a gang of wild teens from another sparsely inhabited bit of land. Their leader, a slippery character named Dooby, hides her boat and Zoe must strike a terrible bargain with him in order to get it back. But all’s not lost–Zoe still hasn’t lived by her wits for so long for nothing. She still has a few tricks up her sleeve and she is determined to find that elusive Mainland that exists somewhere out there on the water. An exciting futuristic adventure tale in the tradition of Lord of the Flies.

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