The Exchange Student by Kate Gilmore

The Exchange Student In the year 2094, exchange students don’t just come from other countries, they also rocket in from other planets. 16 year old Daria isn’t too happy about having to share her home with just such an alien student named Fen from the planet Chela. After all, as one of the youngest breeders of endangered species on planet Earth, she has enough work on her hands without having to introduce her new 7 foot tall, gray skinned housemate around. Luckily for her, Fen is really into helping out with the animals. In fact, he’s a little too into it. And when he flatly refuses to discuss the animal life on his own planet, Daria discovers why–Fen is part of a biological plot to repopulate his own planet with Earth-born species. Daria, torn between sympathy for a people who have no animal life of their own to love and a fierce protectivness over her wild charges, has to decide whether it would be better to help Fen or put a stop to his plans. Besides being a page turner, this novel is chock full of fascinating animal and environmental conservation facts. Both an educational (and I don’t mean in that dry textbook way) and completely entertaining read.

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