Girls for Breakfast by David Yoo

Girls for BreakfastWhy can’t Nick Park score? Is it because he’s just too desperate around the female objects of his desire, and has been since he discovered Playboy in third grade? Is it because he lives on uncool Summit Road while all the popular kids live up in the tony suburb of Renfield Hills? Is it because he lacks the He-Man pectorals of his fellow varsity soccer players no matter how many push-ups he does? (I mean, GOD, he’s up to 50!) Or could it be that everyone thinks he is a “whitewashed Banana”—white on the inside and yellow (Korean) on the outside? Nick’s secret fear is that his very Korean-ness in the lily white suburb of Renfield Connecticut is what’s keeping him from realizing his dream of getting past third base with a girl – ANY girl. Deeply funny and painfully realistic, David Yoo’s novel does what Melvin Burgess’s flashy Doing It fell short of—gives readers the true inner life of an adolescent boy, warts and all. It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t at all comfortable, but man oh man, is it compulsively readable. A+++!

One thought on “Girls for Breakfast by David Yoo

  1. just finished this book about 20 mins. ago & it was really good. it had everything a book could possibly have: humor, sarcasm, ambivalevce, and immaturity!! this is a good read!!

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