Magic Can be Murder by Vivian Vande Velde

Magic Can be MurderNola’s problem is that she’s only a little bit magical. In fact, she can really only do one spell well. By plucking a person’s hair and suspending it in a bucket of water, she can see everything that person is doing. But that little trick doesn’t keep food in Nola and her mother’s bellies, or find them steady work. Because that’s Nola’s other problem–her mother’s a little bit crazy. Most of the time she’s okay, but at the most inconvenient times she starts talking back to the voices she hears in her head. That type of behavior keeps Nola and her mother traveling from village to village trying to avoid accusations of witchcraft. At one of their stops, Nola accidentally leaves one of her spells going–and starts worrying that someone will find the bucket of fortune telling. But when she goes back to set things right, she finds that a murder has been committed in her absence and she is right in the middle of a medieval murder investigation! Lots of twists and turns in this witchy mystery make it wickedly fun reading.

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