Making Up Megaboy by Virginia Walter and Katrina Roeckelein

megaboyRobbie Jones has just shot the local convenience store owner with his father’s gun and nobody really knows why, least of all Robbie himself. Robbie’s story is told by all the bystanders of this crime that jumps right out of the headlines: his parents, his one good friend, the store owner’s wife and the girl that he wanted as his girlfriend, but who wanted nothing to do with him. The only way Robbie communicates at all after the shooting is through drawing his comic strip of Megaboy, superhero and protector of Earth. Was Robbie pretending to be Megaboy when he shot the gun? Or did he imagine that his crush, Tara, would be impressed with his actions? The reader has to come to his own conclusions about why Robbie did it, which is really the greatest strength of this slim, graphic-packed novel. You can read it over lunch, then think about it all day.

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