Tangerine by Edward Bloor

tangerine Paul Fisher may be a geek with glasses, but he can see a lot of stuff that his clueless parents seem to miss. For one thing, Paul is the only one who notices that his older brother Eric is a registered psycho, who tortures his classmates with his goonish buddy. But dear old dad is too caught up in the “Eric Fisher Football Dream” to notice that his place-kicking son is also a wacko, and Paul’s too busy trying to get in good with the soccer-jocks to try and explain. It’s going to take a bolt of lightening and a lost memory to finally make his family see what he’s seen all along. A gripping, suburban gothic read.

6 thoughts on “Tangerine by Edward Bloor

  1. awesome book!! i totally loved it, im also glad that the rest of the ppl could finally c that eric was a physco, & that he finally remembered what really happened to him + the fact thast he finally stood up to his big bro, & managed to find friends that acceptrd him as a bro…..good read, & recommened it!!

  2. i love this book even though i stated reading it today it has awesome grammar to understand and easy for everyone to get along with it ilove it keep the good work .

  3. I use this book in my YAL class and it helps with the discussion of sibling rivalry and parental knowledge of a “uncomfortable” subject. The parents amazed me…. I don’t get how they could have known and not done something…. 95% of all students that have read this book loved it.

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