Mind Riot: Coming of Age in Comix edited by Karen Hirsch

Mind Riot: Coming of Age in Comix In this collection of comic strip shorts, a number of comic artists have come together to write and draw their interpretations of what it is like to be a teen. Mind Riot graphically captures the trauma of fitting in, skater punk culture, family problems, and masturbation (Umm, that last one is only mentioned, not pictured). Some of my favs include “Weird Girl” and “Out at the Movies”. All are different, all are intensely personal, some are funny and some will make you think. I promise you’ll find at least one to which you will be able to relate. Oh, yeah, it was also picked as a Book for the Teen Age by the New York Public Library in 1998. So, that means it’s good — trust us, we’re librarians.

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