Gen 13 by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee

gen 13Mild mannered Caitlin Fairchild is about to find out that instead of being an innocent college coed, she is actually an emerald-eyed, heaving bosom-ed super hero of the Gen 13 project. Gen 13 is the code name for a government run operation that tests drugs on unsuspecting persons in hopes of giving them super-human powers. But what the Gen 13 execs had no way of knowing was that their teen guniea pigs don’t exactly want to go along with the plan to turn them into war machines. Caitlin, Grunge, Roxy, Bobby and Sarah have decided to ditch the remote government compound they’ve been held prisoner at and release their new found powers to the world at large. But there are some mutant-government dudes who say different, and they are not above sending out scary android-type soldiers to track down the Gen 13 team. Look at Gen 13 as kind of an X-Men for teens. While the drawings of the girls are a bit too sexy for my feminist blood (Come on, NO ONE has breasts THAT large or legs THAT long) at least it’s made up for by how well these girls and their male counterparts kick butt! It’s a fast and fluffy read.

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