Monster by Walter Dean Myers

MonsterSteve Harmon is on trial for a crime he may or may not have committed. And by using a unique viewpoint, W.D. Myers turns you, the reader, into Steve’s judge and jury. By telling Steve’s story in alternating chapters of his personal journal entries and a transcript of the trial proceedings, you are presented with all the evidence of the supposed crime and allowed to come to your own conclusions by novel’s end. Did Steve act a lookout in a convenience store robbing and murder, or was he just an unsuspecting witness who happened to be at the crime scene? Will Steve’s dream of becoming a screenwriter be fulfilled, or will he spend the most important years of his life behind bars? Well? What do YOU think?

2 thoughts on “Monster by Walter Dean Myers

  1. This is another example of a fine book that I use in my YAL class. The different style of writing is a great exposure for students that are used to seeing pages of paragraphs. It is another discussion building book.

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