Stone Cold by Pete Hautman

Stone ColdEverybody’s good at something. Most of us have a talent for stuff like soccer, playing the piano, or even geometry. In the book Stone Cold, 16 year old Denn finds out what he’s REALLY good at–playing poker. And not just for matchsticks, either. Denn is so good that he’s winning thousand dollar pots from adult players and buying cars and jewelery with no problem, because money talks. But the more Denn wins, the colder he feels–towards his parents, his friends, even his best girl. Denn may be raking in the dough, but he’s selling his soul doing it. Everybody’s good at something. But the thing you’re good at isn’t always good for you. If you liked the movie Rounders, give the reading roulette wheel a spin with Stone Cold–you’ll come out a winner.

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