Party Girl by Lynne Ewing

party girlAll Kata really wants to do is dance. Yeah, she enjoys the close comraderie of gang life, but the best part is always dancing in competitions with her best friend, Ana. They call themselves Outrageous Chaos and they never lose because they can practically read each others’ minds. But when Ana is brutally shot and killed in a drive-by, Kata finds herself rethinking the whole gang life style. In the aftermath of Ana’s death, she has to decide if making her own way in L.A.’s gang underworld is courageous, or just foolhardy. An unusual and revealing look at gangs from a girl’s point of view.

2 thoughts on “Party Girl by Lynne Ewing

  1. This book is so sad and so understanding to me I wasn’t in a gang but this story has a true meaning and speaks alot .

  2. i read and love this book for what its worth this book as inspired me so much in doing what i’ve set my mind to thank for writing this book

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