The Sacrifice by Diane Matcheck

Weak-One, a young Crow Indian girl, is having more than just a bad day–she’s having a bad life. It all started when her twin brother, who was prophesied to be the Great One, who would lead his tribe to health, wealth and all-around general victory, died. Ever since, her people and even her own father have looked at he with suspicion and distrust. Did she somehow kill her brother so that she could be the Great One? No one knows for sure, but most dislike her just the same. When her father dies, she decides to take off for parts unknown to seek her fate, instead of being just another foster girl at someone else’s fire. Once out on the wild (which geographically gifted readers will recognize as Yellowstone National Park) Weak-One becomes the opposite of her name as she survives on her own, even fighting, killing and skinning a bear. (I was so absorbed in the bear battle that I missed my subway stop) But her adventures aren’t over yet. She is kidnapped by a rival tribe and at first, treated like a queen. Only later she finds out that the tribe intends to use her as a human sacrifice in one of their rituals. Now, don’t get too scared, remeber, this is the girl who fought a bear and won. Find out if Weak-One fulfills her fate or loses it all with the flick of a sacrificial knife.

5 thoughts on “The Sacrifice by Diane Matcheck

  1. I am a middle school reading teacher and I use this book in book groups. My students LOVE this book and so do I! This book even left some pretty rough and tumble 13 year old boys with tears in their eyes. It is hard to get though-you have to special order it and it is difficult to find in a library. It is worth the work to find it though because it is awesome!

  2. Yes, unfortunately a lot of great books fall out of print so quickly–it really is a shame. Come to think of it, my own library copy of this is in tatters and won’t be easy to replace.

  3. I am a middle school student who have read this book in my reading teacher’s class. I love this book! It has brilliant imagery! I have never read such book that is awesome! I thank Pam Reicks for giving our 4th hour class an opportunity to read this amazing book!(:

  4. Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you visit RR again for more good book recommendations.

  5. This is a great book I read it in my 6th hour reading class for Ms. Reicks it was my favorite book all year so far (: my teacher picks alotta great books

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