Prep by Jake Coburn

PrepJust as Nick is getting confident that he can handle the straight and narrow life, ghosts from his old life as rich, upper east side Manhattan punk graffiti artist start beckoning him back with a spray can and a smile. Almost against his will, he’s getting drawn back into the gang life when he tries to help out the mixed-up little brother of his best friend and secret crush, Kris. Now he’s found himself in the middle of a turf war, when all he wanted to do was to see how close he could get to Kris before she pushed him away–again. Can Nick save himself a second time, and make Kris see how much he really cares about her? It feels like author Jake Coburn is channeling the voice of Ponyboy, the amazing narrator of S.E.Hinton’s classic The Outsiders, and giving that voice an urban spit and polish through Nick. This is an authentic and strongly felt first novel.

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