Tribes by Arthur Slade

TribesPercy Montmount is the ultimate loner. Ever since his dad, an anthropologist, died on the Congo three years ago from a tsetse fly bite, Percy’s been acting a little strange–not like he was Mr. Popularity before, but stranger than usual. He’s started keeping an extensive field journal of his observations of that exotic group known as Grade Twelve. He has identified several different strains of that larger group, including the Lipstick/Hairspray tribe, the Logo tribe, and the Madonna Cult. All this observation leaves very little time for actual human interaction, but Percy doesn’t mind. As long as he’s writing, he doesn’t have to think about his dad’s death, his mom’s weird hippie habits, or his best friend’s suicide that resulted from an unrequited love with a member of the Lipstick/Hairspray tribe. But then, Graduation, that huge Rite of Passage, approaches, and with it, a secret about Percy’s family that could be just what Percy needs to shock him out of observation mode and back into the real world.(and I don’t mean the TV show)

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