Rebel Angels by Libba Bray

Rebel Angels Stubborn red-headed Victorian heroine Gemma Doyle is back in this brilliant sequel to Libba Bray’s best-selling A Great and Terrible Beauty. The girls from Spence are looking forward to spending a nice, quiet Christmas at home, away from the terrors of the otherwordly Realms and the twisted magic they have inadvertently set free there. But the mysterious Raksana have something else in mind…they send Kartik to Gemma to persuade her to journey into the Realms again and bind the magic she loosed when she defeated Circe the first time. But do the Raksana have Gemma’s best interest at heart? Does Gemma have the strength to bring back the Order? And is Pippa REALLY dead? Have no idea what I’m talking about? The go right out to your nearest public library or bookstore and get caught up by reading A Great and Terrible Beauty (review on this list below) so that you’ll be all set to plunge into the pages of this steamy, dreamy sequel!

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