Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer

Sixteen year old Jenna Boller is tall. Really tall. Paired with her frizzy red hair and alcoholic, here-and-there dad, Jenna feels like an A # 1 freak. But all that changes the summer she gets in a Cadillac with Mrs. Gladstone and tours the greater part of the U.S., from Chicago to Dallas, doing the one thing she does best–sell shoes. Jenna’s a shoe-salesperson, best darned one in the business, and when the Gladstone shoe empire is threatened from within, Jenna and Mrs. Gladstone go to every store in the country trying to fix what’s wrong and make it right. Through all the trials and tribulations of the road, Jenna learns for the first time in her life to walk tall and not be ashamed of her height or her family. Because she’s got sole. A quirky and original tale. If you like Rules of the Road, don’t miss the performing pumpkin in Bauer’s first novel, Squashed (r/i). You’ll never look at vegetables the same way again…

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